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Darfur Crisis

Get Informed and Get Involved
Visit these sites to find out what you can do to help Southern Sudan and Darfur:

Film Ideas Ideas for Using the Lost Boys of Sudan Film to Help Darfur:

  • Organize a house party or a screening at your school, local library, or church. Follow it with a teach-in on the Darfur crisis, a letter-writing campaign or make it a fundraiser. Download the pdf below for ideas and a guide to planning your own community screening.

    Community Action Guide [540 KB]
Lost boys canoeing

Donate to Lost Boys Sponsored Projects to Rebuild Sudan
“Education is our mother and our father”  -Lost Boy Proverb

  • New Scholars
  • NESEI-Girls Rising
  • In 2001, close to four thousand Lost Boys came to the United States seeking peace, freedom, and education. While it has been a struggle, many of the young men and women from the Lost Boys group have been able to pursue their dreams of education, enrolling in community colleges and some of the nation's most prestigous universities. We are happy to report that screenings of the documentary have raised more than a million dollars to support refugee scholarship funds across the country.

    The Sudanese youth are already becoming active community members with much to contribute to both America and Sudan. Many of them have started their own projects to raise funds for schools and hospitals back in Sudan.

    If you would like more information on local scholarship funds or projects to rebuild Sudan, please email us.

Film Ideas Ideas for Using the Film to Help the Lost Boys of Sudan

  • Invite a Sudanese youth to come speak to your community group; hold a fundraiser with your book club or church group; have the group pledge to sponsor a Sudanese student or a whole school. Download the community action guide for more information.

    Community Action Guide [540 KB]
Santino on path

We hope that Lost Boys of Sudan will motivate people to extend themselves to newcomers in their community. There are many ways you can give of your time to support refugees:

- Mentor by helping refugees get to know their new community, invite them to attend community or cultural events or offer to take them sightseeing.

- Tutor a refugee in English or help them with other course work, help with school enrollment or financial aid applications.

- Help refugees find employment with growth opportunities.

- Volunteer to give driving lessons, help them to learn the public transit system, or offer transportation to medical or job appointments for refugees without a car.

Contact the refugee resettlement agency in your area www.refugeecouncilusa.org
If you are having trouble finding a local agency, email us and tell us where you live. info@lostboysfilm.com

By writing to your local newspaper or contacting your national, state or local representatives, you can help ensure policy supportive of refugees and immigrants. Follow the below links to sample advocacy letters:

There are 10 agencies subcontracted by the government’s U.S. Refugee Program. They work on very limited budgets with only a small portion of their funding from the government.

Film Ideas Ideas for Using the Film to Help Build Awareness and Support for Refugees

  • Hear how individuals, universities and community groups around the country have used the film to build awareness and support for refugees, then plan your own event. Download the guide below for more information:

    Community Action Guide [540 KB]
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