“Fascinating! Getting an audience so caught up is no small feat; it is a tribute to the directors' storytelling.”
-Elvis Mitchell, New York Times   New York Times read article

“Spellbinding! Gripping. Humanizing Sudan's continuing refugee problem, Lost Boys is a gem. It doesn't preach. It doesn't prettify.”
-Jonathan Curiel - San Francisco Chronicle   San Francisco Chronicle read article

“Superbly rendered and heart-piercing ... An extraordinarily rich documentary, one of the best I’ve seen."
-Henry Sheehan, NPR’s Film Week   NPR's Film Week read article

“A poignant documentary of hope, survival and loneliness.”
-Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly   Entertainment Weekly read article

“Startling. Encapsulating both the welter of American race relations and the sense of obligation the boys will feel to the people left behind. Surreal and heartbreaking.”
-Michael Aggers, The New Yorker   The New Yorker read article

“Heart-wrenching. A restrained cinema-verite style, Lost Boys of Sudan displays a keen eye for detail and a facility for conveying the texture.”
-David Weddle, Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles Times read article

“Compelling! It doesn't take long to fall in love with these young men.”
-Manohla Dargis, Los Angeles Times   Los Angeles Times read article

“A touching documentary on the immigrant experience — or at least one very tough slice of it.”
-Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post   Washington Post read article

“31/2 STARS. Deeply moving! One for your must-see list!.”
-Jan Stuart, Newsday

“Mylan and Shenk attained a remarkable intimacy with the strapping, earnest, startlingly beautiful teenagers”
-Michael Atkinson, Village Voice   Village Voice read article

Lost Boys of Sudan restores integrity to the non-fiction film.”
-Armond Whilte, NY Press   NY Press read article

“Engrossing! The filmmakers deftly capture the boys' depression and triumphs, but something of the American character – the generosity and arrogance – as well.”
-Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly   LA Weekly read article

“A great subject! Fascinating!”
-Peter Rainer, NY Magazine   NY Magazine read article

"An extremely telling doc about American life, told with drama and humor."
- Wendy Mitchell, IndieWire   IndieWire read article

"This is a beautiful, important film, and you should see it."
-Melissa Levine, East Bay Express   East Bay Express read article

“A potent, engrossing look at several young refugees from Sudan's disastrous, endless civil war.”
-Dennis Harvey, Variety   Variety read article

“One of the Hot Docs for Winter 2004” ... “Extraordinary! One emotionally charged moment after the next."
- Mathew Ross, IFC Rant

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